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What went wrong in girl’s viral hair burning video + curling iron tips

If you’re among the nearly 20 million people who saw the “hair tutorial gone wrong” video on YouTube, you’ve probably been looking suspiciously at your curling iron. We break down all of the mistakes that were made in the short video and that ultimately led to the girl’s hair burning off.


Human tails, bagel heads and bird poop: The 3 most insane beauty trends

From bagel-facing to wearing an emotion-sensitive tail, you won’t believe the insanely ridiculous trends that are rocking the international fashion scene right now. We’ve got the scoop on the oddest fashion and beauty trends — and some tamer alternative suggestions for you.


How to score free beauty products

Lots of haircare and skincare companies will generously provide you with free samples in hopes that you become a believer in their products. Don’t be afraid to ask for samples before you commit to buying an entire bottle. Stores like Sephora will let you take samples of products home before you commit to them.

home remedies for whitening teeth

Home remedies for whitening teeth

Shiny white teeth never go out of style. They’re the perfect fashion accessory. Sadly, as we grow into adulthood, many factors cause our teeth to loose their luster, such as coffee, tea, cigarettes and red wine. Learn how to polish those pearly whites using ingredients right from your fridge or pantry.

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