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Barefoot running? It’s a trend that’s gaining traction

You may have ran around barefoot as a kid. But as an adult? Barefoot running proponents say it brings people back to the more natural form of running and can reduce risks. Podiatrists aren’t quite sold yet. A good middle ground: Lightweight, minimalist shoes.

5 tips for ‘Take your Dog to Work Day’ on June 21

June 21st is National Take Your Dog to Work Day — a chance to spread the puppy love at your office and educate your co-workers about rescue organizations and humane societies. But, before you pack up your pup for work, here’s what you need to know.

7 ways to avoid gaining weight while on vacation

Going on vacation and don’t want to have extra pounds to pack on the return flight home? We’ve got ideas that will help make sure you don’t gain a single pound while you’re on vacation.