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Electronic gadgets for women

Electronic gadgets for women

By Andrew Koziara In this day and age, sleek new gadgets have pretty much taken over as the official toys for adults. Computers and gizmos are officially cool now, whether we’re talking about a...

Buying Software How to Find the Best Deals

Buying software: how to find the best deals

By Phil Hornshaw Computer software can get expensive in a hurry. Programs that many of us have been using for years and take for granted, such as Microsoft Word, actually cost quite a bit...

Electronic Gadgets for Men

Electronic gadgets for men

By Andrew Koziara I defy you to find me a man who doesn’t love electronics in some form or another. Whether you just want to build the ultimate home entertainments system for football night,...

Kindle vs Nook What's the difference

Kindle vs. Nook: what’s the difference?

By Phil Hornshaw In the world of e-readers, there are currently a pair of powerhouses: Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Apple and the tablet market are contenders when it comes to reading digital books,...

Buying Apple products online

Buying Apple products online

Trying to navigate busy Apple stores in the mall can be a hassle. With the right online savvy, willingness to go with last month’s model and discounts only found online, you can have an Apple iPhone or iPad in your hands in no time without the big hit to the wallet these purchases usually come with.

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