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Holiday travel packages to somewhere warm

While holidays are peak times for family travel, you don’t have to break the bank to get away from the cold this season. From travelling on actual holidays, to renting apartments rather than hotels, to using aggregation services to book flights, hotels and rental cards, there are easy and affordable ways to see the sunshine.

Buy-havior Travel Report: smart holiday travel tips

Headed out of town for the holidays? According to the 2012 Holiday Travel Buy-havior Report, at least a third of holiday travelers admitted they’d rather escape to a tropical paradise. No matter where you’re heading for the holidays this year, we’ve got the insider tips you need to save more money than ever.

Thanksgiving travel deals

Thanksgiving is the busiest travel time of the year – and also the most expensive! Whether you travel by plane, train or automobile, thankfully there are many great travel deals for Thanksgiving that won’t take the stuffing out of your wallet. There are also plenty affordable places to stay once you reach your destination.

Off-peak vacations can save you money

If you are flexible in your travel plans and don’t always need to be in ideal settings, you should take advantage of off-peak vacation deals. Travel sites like Travelocity and Expedia as well as niche services Vacation Rentals can help you save a lot of money on flights and lodging.

Planning and booking a cruise

By Dan Kricke As the characters on HBO’s Game of Thrones are fond of saying: “Winter is coming.” But that’s no reason to lock yourself in your home and hibernate until spring. Instead, it’s...

Save cash with Black Friday travel deals

By Dan Kricke In recent years, Black Friday has become synonymous with deeply discounted big-ticket items like TVs and home appliances. But let’s face it, once the leftover turkey is congealing inside of a...

Holiday travel tips: when, where and how

By Dan Kricke The difference between a relaxing holiday spent with family and something resembling scenes from The Omen can often come down to the simplest things. Take travel, for instance. It’s not really...