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Planning and booking a cruise

Planning and booking a cruise

By Dan Kricke As the characters on HBO’s Game of Thrones are fond of saying: “Winter is coming.” But that’s no reason to lock yourself in your home and hibernate until spring. Instead, it’s...

Save cash with Black Friday travel deals

Save cash with Black Friday travel deals

By Dan Kricke In recent years, Black Friday has become synonymous with deeply discounted big-ticket items like TVs and home appliances. But let’s face it, once the leftover turkey is congealing inside of a...

Holiday Travel Deals

Holiday travel tips: when, where and how

By Dan Kricke The difference between a relaxing holiday spent with family and something resembling scenes from The Omen can often come down to the simplest things. Take travel, for instance. It’s not really...

Booking travel online

Booking travel online

By Kate Fratar  The opportunity to travel always sounds great. Whether it’s a quick weekend trip, a few relaxing days somewhere remote, or a more exotic destination to take in new sights, tastes and cultures,...

Money-Saving Tips for Airfare

Money-saving tips for airfare

Need a deal on plane tickets? Find out how to save on airfare! Tip #1: Book early. Airlines typically follow a 21-day rule, where prices start to rise three weeks before the departure date....


Planning the Perfect Honeymoon

  Weddings are a magical time, followed by a lifetime of joy.  Start your marriage out with a memorable getaway you will never forget. Before anything choose a type of destination: tropical, urban, more...

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