Healthy frozen dinners? Here’s 5 to put on your grocery list

Brittany Anas

Brittany Anas is a former newspaper reporter who became hooked on fashion in the early 1990s when her mom sewed her a pair of MC Hammer pants and matching headband. Brittany lives in Denver and loves spending time with her southern gentleman of a boyfriend and their pot-belly pig-gremlin mix described by the rescue group as a “Boston Terrier.” She fancies polka dots, Detroit Pistons basketball and brunch. Brittany blogs at and tweets from @BrittanyAnas. Find her on Pinterest and Google+.

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  1. October 8, 2013

    […] Healthy snacks: Make room in a drawer for some healthy snacks that can be a good substitute if you rushed out of the house without eating breakfast or your tummy starts to growl mid conference call. Having a stash of high-fiber snacks will also keep you away from the vending machines. At Staples (, you can find a whole section of healthy snacks perfect for your desk drawer — from nuts to Popchips to granola bars. Make a point to bring in some fresh fruit or veggies every day to snack on as well. If your office has a refrigerator, consider keeping some “just-in-case” frozen meals in there so you can avoid the group Chinese take-out buffet or pizza dinner. Looking for some healthy frozen dinner options? Check out our finds. […]